Folding quadcopter
Folding quadcopter
Folding quadcopter
Folding quadcopter
Folding quadcopter
Folding quadcopter
Folding quadcopter

Folding quadcopter


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Product Size: Expand 30X29X6.5 After folding: 14.5X10X6.5

Body battery: 7.4V 1200mAh 

Remote control battery: 3.7V 300mAh

Use time: 15 minutes

Charging time: 110 minutes

Remote control distance: 500 meters

Charging method: USB cable

- GPS-assisted flight: gives you the precise positioning details of the drone. Built-in return (RTH) function to ensure safer flight, drone automatically and accurately return when the battery is low or weak, without worrying about losing the drone
-2.4g 1080P / 5G 1080P Wifi FPV camera: 90° adjustable angle for capturing high quality video and aerial photos. You can enjoy live images from the remote control. Complete your ideal selfie and capture every moment of the holiday from the perspective of birds.
- Follow mode: The drone follows you and automatically captures you to your mobile location. It keeps you in the picture, making it easier to take complex photos, providing hands-free flight and selfie
- Manual gestures to take photos/videos: You will break the old way of taking pictures and will find new gestures to record your beauty (within 1-3 m)
Track: Track mode allows the drone to fly around the exit and ensure panoramic photos and videos
- Track and remember the drone: Click the GPS signal icon three times to open the map interface, which shows the final distance, longitude and latitude of the aircraft.
- User-defined flight plan: Open the drone app and use the flight plan at your fingertips. Simply draw a route on the screen and the helicopter will automatically run according to the given path.
-Simple control: headless mode, height retention and button take-off and landing, the operation is more convenient, you don't need to worry about the direction, your drone can be raised to the height or the ground with the click of a button, which is very suitable for beginners.
Features: 720P / 1080P camera, Wifi FPV, app control flight, auto GPS return, follow me, height mode, user defined FLIGHT plan, track mode, manual gesture shooting, photo/video sharing, takeoff/landing

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